Tesco - Národní

A summary of some of the specialty items on sale (and prices as of 14/4/11) at the Tesco My store at Národní 63/26:

Baba Ghannouge (Chtoura Garden, 370g, CZK 50)
Hummus (Chtoura Garden, 380g, CZK 37)
Stuffed grape leaves (Kamer, 400g, CZK 80)
Olive tapenade (Scala, 190g, CZK 78)
Stuffed red / green peppers (250g, CZK 89)
Rogan Josh (Tesco, 350g, CZK 50)
Pappadums (Mida's)
Refried beans (San Marcos, 430g, CZK 53)
Salsa verde (San Marcos, CZK 56)
Dark Soy Sauce (Pearl River, CZK 58)
Soy Sauce (Kikoman)
Roasted almonds (Blue Diamond, 150g CZK 80)
Honey-roasted almonds (Blue Diamond, 150g CZK 80)
Green Tea (Yoshi Go)
Arizona Iced Tea (limited number of flavours)

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