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Politických vězňů 12/913, Prague 1 | +420 234 100 110
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Situated on the ground floor of Hotel Jasmin, Noodles offers a wide range of international noodle-based dishes. (of course) The modern interior is fashionable. One half of the dining area is full of aethestically pleasing but uncomfortable furniture. The other half is more comfortable, with sofa seating and modern armchairs, but sight lines are odd and often obscured with low-standing walls; the distance between tables diminishes the general atmosphere; lighting is usually too harsh. Both areas give off a cafeteria-like feeling -- which is what the area is used for in the mornings.

The menu is similar to the décor: it looks fashionable, but is underwhelming. You'll find a broad selection of Thai, Chinese and Italian noodle-based entrées, as well as national specialties from Germany, Mongolia, Korea and even a few Czech and Slovak dishes. Most meals do not stand out. By tring to be diverse, Noodles has sacrificed quality. You'll find better Asian noodles in other Asian restaurants; the same with the Italian, Korean, etc. If you have a craving for German noodles, one hard-to-find dish that is worth a try is the Käsespätzle -- very cheesy, but maybe a bit too much onion.

The wine list -- like the menu -- has breadth, but not depth. The service is friendly but average. Our evening visits to Noodles found it to be less than half-full, which doesn't add to the atmosphere. On a relatively quiet street in the city centre, there isn't a lot of walk-in traffic. The entire restaurant is non-smoking. An enclosed courtyard is open during the summer months.


Our Rating (5 = excellent, 1 = poor):
Food: 2.0
Drink: 2.0
Service: 2.5
Atmosphere: 2.0

Accepted: AMEX; Visa.

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