Gabriele Ristorante

Husova 240/5, Prague 1 | +420 224 248 512
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Owner Gabriele Feliciani -- a chef with Michelin experience -- has brought a taste of Italian fine dining to Prague.

Despite being in an Old Town cellar, the interior is sufficiently light and tasteful, with white tablecloths, light-coloured stone walls and ambient lighting. One drawback might be that on less busy evenings, the restaurant can be too quiet and a bit gloomy.

The menu is short but elegant. A set "Chef's Surprises" menu gives you the chance to sample three, five or seven courses -- if you're not picky, this is a good way to experience more of what the kitchen has to offer. The "surprises" can vary day-to-day, but often include: a carpaccio and/or tartar, which are very good; pasta as a starter and/or entrée; main courses of beef and fish or seafood.

The Apeninne sirloin is of high quality, but lacks seasoning. The Barolo sauce that accompanies the beef is good, but isn't enough to make the sirloin enjoyable. The smoked sea bass may be the best main course on the menu. It is full of flavour, exquisitely prepared and very filling. The ravioli stuffed with liquid carbonara is spectacular -- so rich that your stomach will be satisfied with four or five ravioli -- any more would be decadent. (and probably why it isn't served as a main course)

The wine list is extensive. Many selections can be quite expensive. A handful of affordable and drinkable wines are available. A modest collection of grappa is available, at all price ranges. A larger than usual staff is attentive. On a slow night, you'll be the centre of attention, and might also get a personal sit-down chat with Gabriele. Value-for-money it isn't, but if you're in the mood to splurge, celebrate a special occasion or impress a date, Gabriele is ideal.

Recommended: ravioli stuffed with liquid carbonara; smoked fillet of sea bass.

Our Rating (5 = excellent, 1 = poor):
Food: 4.0
Drink: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Atmosphere: 3.0

Accepted: AMEX; Visa; Master Card.

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