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Šmilovského 12, Prague 2 | +420 222 518 159
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Tucked away on a quiet street in Vinohrady near Havlíčkovy sady, Zelená zahrada offers casual dining in a modern setting. A modest-sized cocktail bar is convenient for a quiet drink or two. A limited number of beers are on offer -- but this is mainly a cocktail bar. Quality vodka, gin and cognac are available in lieu of a pint. The indoor winter garden is comfortable, but the layout is odd: the fireplace, which should be the centrepiece, is tucked away in a corner and out of view from most tables. From the winter garden there are views of the small Japanese koi pond, as well as the surrounding buildings. A nice feature in the summer months is the outdoor terrace -- but seating is limited.

The food is good; simple, well-prepard classic dishes that won't create a seismic shift in Prague dining, but are satisfying nonetheless. The beef is generally good, but not a speciality. Traditional pork, lamb and chicken dishes won't disapoint, but won't overwhelm. The twist in the menu is a large selection of Chinese dishes. Given the (real or percieved) poor quality of Chinese in Prague, Zelená zahrada's dishes might be worth your time. The most pleasant surprises on the menu are the salads, which are large and quite good; they can be enough for a light lunch or dinner. Service is good; being a small place and well-staffed, you're able to get attention when you need it. The wine list is reasonable and contains choices from several countries: France, Italy, Spain and the New World.

For a scaled-down version of Sahara -- in size, elegance and price -- Zelená zahrada is a reasonable choice for Vinohrady diners.

Recommended: beef carpaccio with capers; rucola with dried tomatoes, goat cheese and pine nuts; lamb chops with spinach and rosemary potatoes.

Our Rating (4 = excellent, 1 = poor):
Food: 3.0
Drink: 2.5
Service: 2.5
Atmosphere: 3.0

Accepted: AMEX; Visa.

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  2. General comments: The house Cabernet Sauvignon wasn't available; the Merlot was a good substitute. A few drawbacks: the sides are not offered ala carte, but come with specific meals; the overhead lighting can be a bit harsh. One nice thing is the Grey Goose, Glenmorangie and Hendricks behind the bar. Also, the desserts are pretty good and worth a try. A word of caution: the English menu is a bit shorter than the Czech version; prices are the same, though. (3/1/11)