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With an eclectic interior including posters of 1930s/1940s movies stars, antiques, and knick-knacks you might find in your grandparent's cellar, and a cavernous downstairs dining area, Charleston might seem a bit off-beat -- and it is. Open since the early nineties, for locals it is one of the more popular places in Karlín. Charleston's popularity may have more to do with the lack of good dining options in Karlín more than anything else, but there is no doubt it is a unique dining experience. The restaurant has a very large (maybe too large) menu that includes beef and chicken served in the typical Czech fashion (read: bland; with creamy sauces) as well as fish and pasta. There are no house specialities, but most meals are served with enough care that while you may be mildly disappointed, you won't end up with a disaster. While the food is average, the atmosphere is usually good; the place is full most nights and there is nightly live music -- often piano music that hums quietly in the background. Service is polite, but can be hit or miss; they are usually understaffed given the size of the place. You don't just drop in to Charleston for a quick meal -- and that's the point. The place lends itslef to long, liesurely dinners with a bit of candlelight and innocuous music -- cozy to some, romantic to others. The wine list is respectable, including the Moravian selections. Light and dark bear served on draught. Desserts are often a pleasant surprise and may be the highlight of your dining experience here. Prices are generally good for an off-the-beaten-path place. Charleston does a good lunch business given it's proximity to local offices, but you should be able to find a lunchtime table. Because it is popular with the local crowd, dinner reservations are recommended. A summer garden and streetside terrace are open when the weather permits.

Recommended: chicken with mozzerella and asparagus; beefsteak with pepper sauce.

Our Rating (4 = excellent, 1 = poor):
Food: 2.5
Drink: 2.5
Service: 2.0
Atmosphere: 3.0

Accepted: AMEX; Visa.

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  1. I love this place! A lot of "psychological" evenings were spent on the red sofa downstairs in the corner. From the wine list I would recommend Tramin-really good there.